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Time For Natural Health Care

He Beat Cancer: Doctors “Gave Him” 18 More Months To Live But He Completely Cured Himself Using This Recipe!


David Hibbitt is 33 year old man from Staffordshire. He was suffering from cancer of the small intestine after doctors estimated he had only 18 months to live.

But now he was looking forward to life together with his wife, and is happy because he fully treated himself from cancer.

This man claims that he fully miraculously cured himself using of cannabis oil, which costs around £ 50 for a grams among local dealers.

“My closest friends and relatives told me cannabis oil that helps me in fighting this disease I had, but initially I refused to try it because I never wanted drugs. But as the days passed and the doctors say my life was approaching the end, I decided I wanted to try the cannabis oil because that in situation I had nothing to lose “- says David Hibbitt.

After the hard chemotherapy and radiotherapy he needed to go under surgery on the small intestine in March 2012, which was unsuccessful. However, cannabis was the only one thing that helped him.

When David discovered that he was cure from the cancer, he married Heather (26), the girl he was in relationship for about six years.

British Institute for the Prevention of Cancer stated that they were aware that the patient used cannabis as medicine, but there still are not any evidence for its efficacy and safety.

Source: healthyfoodteam