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Time For Natural Health Care

The Best Natural Way To Clear Your Lungs Of Nicotine And Tar



If you have been smoking for sometime don’t be surprised if your doctor tells you that your lungs have tar and nicotine. Both of them have potential fatal powers. It doesn’t matter if you have quit smoking a few months ago.

Even if you were a smoker and quit after a long time, this article is for you too. The only way to secure your health is to make sure that both these things are removed from your lungs.

Start with quitting with the habit. Both tobacco and nicotine can cause irreversible damage to your lungs if you have been smoking for a specific period of time. So stopping the habit is the least you can do to start with.

Once you have stopped smoking, this magical remedy should help you cleanse your lungs of all the mess that has deposited in it.

This is a 3-ingedient recipe that can be easily prepared. It’s time to get busy with your hands preparing this remedy than to spend hours smoking all the tar.

You will need the following ingredients:

Onion – 400 grams

Turmeric powder – 2 teaspoons

Water – 1 Liter

Ginger Root – 1” long piece

Honey – 400 grams

How to Prepare?

– Boil water and add sugar (if honey is used, add it later)

– Slice the onions

– Grate the ginger root

– Add both to the water

– Boil again and add the turmeric powder

– Lower the heat and let mixture simmer until it becomes 50%

– Remove from heat and strain it

– Pour the mixture into a jar and keep it in the refrigerator once it cools

Your lung cleansing remedy is ready. Take two tbsp two times daily, once before breakfast and once before going to bed.

How this Remedy Helps?

– Turmeric – Turmeric has strong antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral properties. It helps in cleansing your blood and also fights inflammation.

– Ginger – Ginger has been known for its healing benefits for thousands of years. It helps remove the buildup of impurities in the lungs because of its strong mucus-removing properties. It is a magical root that benefits almost every body part.

– Onion – Onion is known for its cancer fighting benefits. It is increasingly being used for curing different malignant diseases. It is great for cleansing your lungs because it also cures respiratory problems.


Source: yourhealthypage

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