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Time For Natural Health Care

Soak Your Feet In Cold Water Every Night, What Follows Will Surprise You!



At the end of each day, when you feel exhausted, and your feet are aching, it is soothing to soak your feet in the water. The water should be of cold temperature.

This method for relaxing your feet has been advised by a well-known kinesiotherapy specialist from Moscow. He also suggested that this method is effective in boosting the immune system.

To achieve the benefits, you have to follow a straightforward procedure. Just soak your feet in cold water for a while. The advantages of this method are due to cold water. The benefits are not similar if you use warm water.

Run the cold water tap and let you bathtub fill with enough cold water to dip your feet. Now, soak your feet in the water. Let them remain in water for 10 to 15 minutes. When you have felt some relief, take out your feet and pat dry.

You should now find a woolen socks pair that should give some warmth to your feet.  This will give you comfort and strength to your immune system. You should do daily perform this simple remedy to get rid of aching feet and be strong.

A cold gets you more than a few times in one year. This means that immune system is weak that cannot fight a harmful organism that results in a cold. This method of strengthening your immune system will prevent the frequent attacks of cold. You can increase the effect of this practice by repeating it every four hours. You may think that warm water is better for your feet when you’re having a cold, but this is not true. You should always use cold water for this method. Your next season will hopefully be free of colds.


Source: healthyfoodhouse