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Time For Natural Health Care

How To Clean Your Face And Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under The Eyes With Just One Ingredient



A lot of you should know that baking soda is not only a baking ingredient but it can do wonders for you. Baking soda can prove to be exceptionally amazing and effective ingredient for overcoming health problems through a very inexpensive rate. Baking soda can be brought into use in various domestic household works. It can be effective for us when we use it as a beauty product and on the other hand baking soda will do wonders in the kitchen while baking cakes pies and delicious pastries as well. If you are willing to clean your house counters and tile stains, there is no other better ingredient for you then baking soda because it not only cleans stains but it brings a shine after cleaning.  We can all boast about baking soda on and on because it is an effective element and ladies love it’s remarkable after effects in beauty treatments.

Acne treatment using baking soda

All those lovely ladies who have severe problems regarding acne can be all relaxed and relieved because to some extent it has been proved that baking soda is a very helpful acne removal ingredient. So just grab a teaspoon of baking soda and make yourself acne-free. Using various acne removing creams and medical treatment can be hectic but the most effective and easiest method which is more of a home remedy is the use of baking soda. Are you tired of those stubborn scars and pimples which hardly fade away once they appear on your face? The solution to this is nothing better than baking soda because baking soda will not only help you out to fade these scars and pimples but it will also leave you free from any sort of negative effects on your face.  A lot of people out in their home remedies have used baking soda and they all have found great success in demolishing acne marks on their faces. They all are now relieved and quite happy with the smooth and amazing effects of baking soda.


Add a teaspoon of baking soda in a small plate. Along with that add a drop of water in it and Mix these ingredients smoothly. Keep in consideration that if you happen to add a lot of water the mixture will result in turning out into a fluid form and thus it might spread some sort of scales on your face or the skin might start peeling off. For an effective result apply some mixture on your finger tips and with both hands, gently massage the part with acne in a single position, smoothly without any rush. After applying the mixture, let the mixture show some results after several minutes on the skin and it will turn out hard after the water disappears. For good results make sure to wash off the applied mask after required time.

Tip: If you desire to get really amazing results, make a habit of applying this mixture on daily basis before going off to bed.

Remove bags under the eyes and dark circles

To create a mask for your acne problem baking soda has proved to be most effective. Hence if you apply this similar recipe you will surely be able to remove dark circles around your eyes as well. The under eye part of the facial skin is quite sensitive and has a very sensitive texture. Most of the time it is very difficult to take care of the skin under your eyes and to keep your under eye skin in a safe zone you should change your chemical-laden facial soaps and bring in use the homemade cleanser made out of baking soda.


– Add one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of tea or hot water.

– Mix the ingredients well.

– Dip two cotton wools in the mixture and place them on the skin under the eyes.

– Let the mixture act for 15 minutes.

– Remove the cotton wools and wash your face afterwards.

– Apply the moisturizing cream you usually use and see the difference in results of this mixture and your facial creams.

An interesting factor which you should take under consideration is that we will surely provide remedies for good health but they all will be under the most unusual and inexpensive circumstances. You need not worry about expensive beauty creams and medications from medical stores because the mixture which we have given the recipe off will probably help you with solution to your acne and dark circles. Beauty is Gods’ most glorious gift off all the wonders of life and to make yourself look beautiful you should make all sorts of efforts which you can afford and they will make you look fresh, smart beautiful and healthy all at once.

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