4 Quick Exercises To Get Rid Of Underarm Flab And Back Bulge In 3 Weeks



So many women suffer from issues with their body shape because they have underarm flab and that nasty back bulge. It is difficult or almost impossible to treat with dieting. But we have here a series of 4 highly effective exercises that can help you in eliminating this fat buildup.

You can exercise using simple items which are easily available in your home. They include rubber bandings, handles and tubing. It takes around 3 weeks to get rid of the fat.

The 4 fat-burning exercises are as following:

Push & Touch

Stretch your arms and lift them sideways. You may also use hand weights to increase resistance. Make sure that your palms are facing forward. Then lift them over your head. You should complete 3 sets of 6 reps.

Elbow Kiss

Keep your palms facing up and then spread your arms on both sides to your shoulders’ level. Move the arms to get 90 degrees angle up. Then swing the hands to the front bringing them closer to the elbow. Make sure the forearms touch on the sides. Take the arms to their initial position. Repeat 3 sets of 10 reps each.

Bent Over Circular Row

Keep your legs apart and bend forward at 90 degrees. Move the dumbbell to the opposite hand. lift it up and move to the check and then back in a circular movement. Complete 3 sets of 10 reps each.

Crisscross Reverse Fly

Bend your knees and pull your legs apart to shoulder distance. Bend down just 90 degrees and your head will face down. Keep the palms facing each other and then hold a weight in each hand. Raise your hands to a level slightly lower than the shoulders. This exercise should be done 3 times of 10 sets each.

If you have been complaining so far about your body shape, it’s time to starting doing something about it. You should start exercising to melt the fat in your underarm and back. These exercises may be simple but you have to do them with discipline. Make time for the exercises and your fat will start disappearing in 3 weeks.


Source: healthandlovepage