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Time For Natural Health Care

This Is The Silent Killer In Your Kitchen That Is Worse Than Soft Drinks And Alcohol



What comes to mind when you think of spices? You probably wouldn’t say contaminants by rodents or dangerous chemicals, but the fact is: they’re a common ingredient in many spices currently residing in your cabinets.

Sounds a bit far-fetched?

Well, the horrifying truth is that spices are often home to a plethora of contamination, including, but not limited to, rodent hair and feces. Not very appetizing. Most common spices also contain Ethylene Oxide, which is a chemical that’s very dangerous–and shouldn’t be in anything we consume. It is introduced to the spices during the production process; in order to sterilize, they are most commonly treated with Ethylene Oxide.

If you haven’t heard of this chemical, Ethylene Oxide is dangerous and often overly exposed to laboratory rodents. This exposure in the more severe cases can cause genetic mutations and most shockingly–Cancer. It can also cause damage to the brain & nerves and depression. These are just some of the conditions that can result from this dangerous process. Skin irritation is a less serious condition that may occur.

You’re probably ready to discard all of the spices in your home–which would be the best choice. There is very little data on this topic. Most of the data available is considered inconclusive due to the nature of the studies that have been conducted.  It’s becoming very clear that conducting clear and scientific studies on this serious matter is either being avoided, or it’s just been ignored. Either way, it’s safe to assume that most people would prefer not to risk all of the horrible conditions that the dangerous contaminants and chemicals that come from these spices.

The good news is: there’s a simple solution! Throw away all of the dangerous spices, protect yourself and your family by replacing them with organic spices. This way you won’t risk your health and you won’t have to rely on food regulations that are clearly not up to par. Some of the perks of using Organic spices are as follows: There is no genetic modification or radiation involved in their production. They contain all of the taste of the spices you’re used to and they don’t contain preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, or synthetic materials of any kind. It’s clearly time to go organic.

Source: Healthy Food Star