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Simple Ways To Add Vit D Rich Mushrooms In Your Diet




We all know that vitamin D is called the ‘sunshine vitamin’ for a reason. But the fact is that it is difficult for our body to make it without sunshine. It is rarely present in food sources and mushrooms are one of them. There are very few plants that can actually replenish our body with this vitamin. If you live in a cold place or if the sun is not shining bright, it will help in a big way if you include mushrooms in your diet.

Why Do We Need Vitamin D?

– For absorbing calcium in the body.

– Regulating Parathyroid hormone’s release. Parathyroid hormone or PTH is released by the parathyroid glands whenever the level of calcium falls. It will leech calcium from our bones for balancing the body levels. When there is dysfunctional release of PTH, our bones can become brittle over time.

– Regulating absorption of phosphorus and calcium.

– Potential benefits in prevention of breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer.

– Improves muscular function (studies show vitamin D minimizes chances of falling in the old).

Edible mushrooms are considered to be highly versatile form of fungi.

Adding Mushrooms to your Diet

– Pasta sauces – Add chopped Porcini or Cremini mushrooms in your sauces.

– Casseroles – Add Creminis

– Stir Fries – Sautee Cremini as stir fries

– Tofu scramble – Sautee Creminis

– Sandwiches/wraps – add fresh sliced Shiitakes over sandwiches/wraps

– Grill – Grill a large Portobello for a burger

Cremini Mushrooms are often marketed as baby Portobellos. These can be considered as the matured counterparts of white button mushrooms that we all know of. When someone says white mushrooms and button mushrooms, they are the same types. It is recommended to enjoy different varieties of edible mushrooms to get the most benefits.


Source: Cure Joy