She Gave Her Husband 1 Tablespoon Of Coconut Oil Twice A Day For A Month. You Won`t Believe What Happened!!!



The number of diseases is rising steadily. Obesity, cardiovascular and diabetes have become common. Leading experts say Alzheimer’s will affect 15 million people by 2050.

Dr. Mary Newport has done a lot of research on it. She has found that medium chain triglycerides also known as MCTs are a good cure for it. These MCTs are commonly found in coconut oil. Her husband was diagnosed with dementia. It was a progressive one which could lead to Alzheimer’s. Steve had started struggling a lot. He was having memory and depression related issues. Mary soon discovered that depression could lead to Alzheimer’s.

How do MCTs help?

The brain needs glucose ketones to keep themselves alive. Our bodies don’t produce ketones.  When the amount of glucose in the body is less, the brain uses ketones for its functions.

Alzheimer’s disease

When there is insulin resistance in the body, the brain is not able to use glucose. The cells soon start dying. It takes 10-20 years for the condition to manifest. If the brain manage to find some ketones in the body, they use it. The same thing happens to people with Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, ALs and multiple sclerosis. All these are similar conditions manifested in different parts of the brain or spinal cord.

MCTs lead to an increased presence of ketones in our body which is known as hyperketonemia. The metabolism of MCT is different. The liver produces ketones from them. The ketones can then be used as a source of energy.

Hyperketonemia reduces cognitive disorders in human beings. They also increase blood flow. Coconut oil contains large amounts of omega 6 fatty acids. They do not have any cholesterol. They also have about 60% medium fatty acids.MCTs are found in dairy items as well. Cow and goat milk have them. Palm kernel and breast milk also have them.


In desperation Mary gave Steve two tablespoons of coconut oil every day for ne month. It worked! After two weeks, she could see some improvement. She now says that everyone suffering from this disease should try it.



Source: Weekly Healthy Life