8 Impossible To Kill Plants That Clean The Air In Your Home



It is not common knowledge that indoor air pollution is worse than outdoor pollution. The US environmental protection agency says it is one of the top five reasons of health concerns. Americans spend most of their time (about 90%) inside their offices. Hence it is absolutely important to address this issue.

Kamal Meatle has since then researched to find out the best way to improve the quality of air in our houses and offices. He found out three plants that can do it if they are placed in correct positions indoors.

The following are the places where it can be done:

– Areca Palm is also known as the ‘Living room plant.’ 4 plants should be planted per person. It produces a lot of oxygen during the day.

– ‘The bedroom plant’ is also known as the mother-in-law’s tongue. 6-8 plants should be planted per person. It produces a lot of oxygen in the evening.

– Money plant is also known as the ‘specialist plant.’ It purifies the air by filtering formaldehyde and volatile organic chemicals.


There are 5 more plants which are as effective. They are:


– The English ivy

– Asparagus fern

– Purple waffle plant

– Variegated wax plant

– The purple heart plant.

NASA recommends having a plant per 100 square feet of indoor space. These  plants should be carefully chosen. They should be atleast 6-8 inches in diameter. You can soon have good fresh air inside your houses.

In addition to these three plants, latest studies have discovered 5 more plants which are excellent air purifiers. These plants are: the purple waffle plant, English ivy, variegated wax plant, Asparagus fern and the Purple Heart plant.

Are you ready for a breath of fresh air inside your very own house? Even NASA advises people to have at least 1 house plant for every 100 square feet of your home. But not just any plant, you need a decent sized plant in a 6 to 8-inch diameter container and you can enjoy fresh air at home.




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