Press These 4 Points On Your Body And Lose Weight Fast

Acupuncture is a complex medical technique. It is based on the theory that, every internal organ is associated with certain energy channels. These energy channels are connected to certain points in the points in the body. When these points are massaged, it improves the function of that particular organ.

This technique has been used since ancient times to treat many health conditions. For weight loss, there are four important points to be massaged. They will increase your metabolism. Thus, the excess fat will be eliminated. It will not get accumulated in the body. You will also feel more energetic in the day.

This will lead to a healthy lifestyle since your appetite and food intake will be under control.

The following points need to be massaged:

1. Еar: massage your ear with your thumb for three minutes. Apply a smooth and continuous pressure on it. Do it three times a day. This helps in increasing metabolism. It will lead to a faster weight loss.


2. Arm: the internal energy of all the body parts passes through your arm. Thus, it is the most important point of the body. By massaging this point, the excess body heat will be released. This will help in improving the function of the intestine. Massage it for one minute, twice or thrice everyday.


3. Face: massage the point between your nose and upper lip. Do it for atleast five minutes, twice a day. This is expecially good for people who tend to eat more during times of stress. It will also help in curbing hunger pangs and anxiety.


4. Leg: this point is present just below the knee cap. To find it, cover the knee cap with your palm. For your right leg, use your left hand and vice versa. The point between the end of your little finger and ring finger is the one that needs to be massaged.


This point is also known as the point of longevity or Zu San Li. It improves digestions and helps in reducing inflammation. It is the most widely used point in acupressure.

Massage this point clockwise, everyday, to lose up to one pound of weight in one week. Do it for 5 minutes on each leg in the evening. Do not do it in the night. Massaging it just before sleeping might cause insomnia.

While massaging, some pain or discomfort should be felt. Do not worry. It means that you are doing the right thing and you will get the result.



Source: Fine Living Advice