Your Microwave Has Never Been This Clean! A Lemon Is All You Need! No Scrubbing!



Cleaning a microwave is one of the toughest things to do.  It is easily the messiest kitchen object. It becomes so dirty while using it that most of us put off it’s cleaning to the point when it no longer can be ignored. Many food items get spilled inside regularly. The small space in it makes the job even more difficult. Those who use a microwave know it the best.

Even after you have scrubbed and scraped it nicely, you will always feel that it has not been cleaned properly. There is now a very easy trick which will help all of you. Once you know it, you will realize that cleaning a microwave is a very easy job.

You need only 2 ingredients for this-one bowl of water and a fresh lime or vinegar. Fresh lime is better because it leaves behind a fresh fragrance.  You don’t need any other chemical or dishwasher.

Clean Your Microwave Naturally Without Scrubbing Just By Using Lemon

Take a bowl and fill half of it with water. Squeeze some lemon juice into it. Squeeze about half a lemon and leave the lemon inside the bowl. Place the bowl inside the microwave. Switch it on for about 5 minutes. Keep the temperature high. The water will boil and the steam will clean all the stains in your microwave. Once the time gets over, leave the bowl inside for a few more minutes. This is to allow the steam to do its work.

You can also take out the microwave plate and wipe it out completely. Wipe the sides of the microwave well. Due to the effect of the steam, all the dirt and stains will come off easily. If there is still something left, leave the bowl inside for some more time. Otherwise, you can dip a cloth inside the lemon water and wipe it with the cloth. Any leftover grease will also be gone in about 30 seconds.

Take one small microwave bowl and squeeze some lemon juice (about 1/8 or 1/4 cup). Fill it with water (half way up). If you have fresh lemons even better, squeeze half a lemon and leave it inside the bowl, the results will be even better.

Put the bowl inside the microwave and turn it on for about 5 minutes on a higher temperature. When it’s finished leave the bowl inside for about 2-3 more minutes and wait for the steam to work its magic. After this you can open it and remove the bowl, just be careful not to burn yourself, the bowl will be hot.

If you have a microwave with a spinning plate, remove it and wipe it. Then wipe down the sides, top and bottom and watch as the grease slides down the sides with ease. If by any chance you have some stubborn spot left on the plate you can repeat the process with the same bowl or you can just take a cloth, dip it in the lemon solution and place it over the spot.  30 seconds later you should be able to wipe it right off!


Source: Mr Healthy Life