Dandruff Removal Tricks And Natural Remedies



With the help of these two tricks you will remove the dandruff forever.

Dandruff appears as a result of stress, vitamin B deficiency, as well as because of the fungi that are feeding with the oils excreted by the skin. For you to eliminate this white hair boredom flakes, and to prevent its occurrence try some of these tricks.

Scalp massage supplies

Before washing your hair, massage your scalp with apple vinegar and water, ratio 1:2, mixture; leave it for few hours, and then wash your hair like you always do.

Take few fresh rosemary twigs; soak this herb in 1 liter of boiled water; let it stay in it for 24 hours, and after that treat your scalp with it. Some research showed the rosemary efficiency, such as hair growth stimulation, circulation stimulation and killing fungi that cause the dandruff development.

Food that prevents dandruff

Your hair and scalp’s beauty is also influenced by the food you eat. If you want to prevent dandruff, start consuming ginger, which is widely known for its antibacterial features, and of course, the natural ‘antibiotic’ – garlic.

Moreover, good source of vitamin B are the wheat sprouts, sunflower seeds, which can be either nibbled or can be added to whole grain bread, or can be used as addition to fresh healthy salads. Finally, do not forget apples that are excellent dandruff ‘scrapers’.