Burn Injury To The Eyes: One Little Boy Lost His Sight Because Of This Toy That You Probably Have At Home (PHOTO)



If you have off late observed your children trying to play around with laser pointers and pointing on each other’s eyes, it is time to be alarmed. Laser pointers are not toys and they are not meant to be pointed into one’s eyes. Read on this shocking article to find out more.

About Laser Pointers

Technically, the word laser is an acronym that stands for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation,” but the term has become so commonly used that it is no longer capitalized. This simply means that an artificial medium is used to amplify the intensity of light through a small aperture and is used for specific applications, usually surgery. The pen laser pointers are often used as pointing devices in presentations and seminars, however, the intensity of light emission is undeniably effective to the eyesight. When pointed directly into the eye, it can cause retinal stress and damage, if exposed for a longer duration.

Live Example of the Laser Hazard

A teenager from Tasmania lost 75% of his vision due to prolonged exposure to the laser radiation. When taken to the doctor at Armitage for a check-up, it was found that he was pointing the laser directly into his own eyes. due to a short exposure period, it led to damaging 75% of his eye tissues and eye damage. When further inquired, the teenager reported that he did not feel any burn or inflammation during the exposure. This is due to the fact that the laser affects the micro-tissues of the eye almost instantly upon exposure, and even a small duration of exposure is enough to cause damage to the sensitive tissues.

As per the observations of the Study Centre for Radiological Health and Food and Drug Administration, the laser pointers with intensities ranging above 5mWatts are enough to damage the retinal tissues.

Other Critical Uses of Laser and Why to Avoid them

The most important application of lasers is for treatment of cancer. Laser is used for dissolving the mutant cells where surgery won’t be possible. But it comes with a catch. Prolonged exposure to lasers lead to complete superficial burning of skin, permanent hair-fall and takes considerable recovery time for the patient. Though it might recover the patient from cancer, but the recovery is quite painful; which reflects the unavoidable side of cancer recovery with laser treatment.

It is imperative to understand the critical uses of laser and be aware that it is not supposed to be a plaything, especially for children. Educating your children and probably trying to keep such things away from the reach of children can avoid such accidents from occurring.



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