Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

One Sip Of This Beverage Will Stimulate The Most Important Organs In The Body



Liver acts as a factory of blood in our body. It participates in the process of recovery of blood. It also helps in strengthening and stimulation of digestion in the body. This organ performs another important function: purifies the blood and eliminates toxins and impurities.

So, from this it is more than clear that a healthy liver equals health, vitality, energy, beautiful appearance and good mood.

The best means of maintaining the health of the liver is its daily cleaning – every morning on an empty stomach drink a spoonful of olive oil mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice. After that you can enjoy your breakfast.

You can prepare and consume this “cocktail” all the time because both ingredients are usual ingredients we use on a daily basis.

You will notice and experience the changes after a month. Your appearance will improve, dark circles under the eyes will fade, and also, your complexion will become fresher and the appearance rejuvenated. Intestines will work precisely as if they were a clock and you will forget about constipation and problems with digestion. You will also feel healthy with lots of positive energy.

Olive oil helps in opening the canal of the liver and gallbladder. Bile is an active participant in the process of digestion which accelerates performance of your intestines. Lemon and cranberries also have the same effect when it comes to the process of digestion.

Keep the mixture at room temperature, but you can also keep it in the fridge. When exposed to low temperature the mixture becomes blurry, but the blurriness has nothing to do with the remedy’s properties.

The beneficial properties of lemon are well known to all. First, lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C. Second, it effectively cleanses the blood vessels from cholesterol deposits. And, as it is mentioned above – it contributes to cleaning the liver.


Source: healthyfoodstar