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Time For Natural Health Care

How To Consume World’s Healthiest Ingredient, Garlic, And Avoid Its Unpleasant Smell



Garlic is the best and healthiest vegetable and it is rightfully used as an excellent natural remedy. However, due to the issue of environmental odor that remains after consumption of fresh garlic, many barely use it.

Garlic is the healthiest when consumed in its raw form, especially if you crush it, chop it and leave a bit on fresh air (so it can create corresponding chemical elements, primarily allicin) several minutes prior to use. Thus prepared garlic is the healthiest, but creates a most unpleasant odor.

However, there is a way how to consume garlic and enjoy its benefits without dealing with its strong smell. Carefully follow our instructions:

It is necessary to find homegrown, smaller garlic. When the invasion of Chinese garlic starts in our markets, many have tried to plant garlic in their home gardens. Chinese garlic has large heads, large cloves and most importantly it is very easily peeled!

However, those who use it in raw form will soon became aware that the garlic causes stomach pains and stomach problems.

Unlike the Chinese, domestic garlic, if it is an old type, it gives twice as less a bulb with a very small cloves that are difficult to peel. Many of those who planted the domestic garlic soon turned back to the Chinese one. But it is a big mistake!

Even though domestic garlic is much finer and it is harder to peel, it is much healthier and does not cause any stomach problems.

– First you need to find smaller homegrown garlic.

– Take the bulb between your palms and rub roughly.

– Pick 2-3 cloves, place them in little bit of water and let the soak in for about 10 minutes.

– After that you need to simply take them out of the water and use your fingers gently in order to peel their thin peel. The wet and soaked clove of garlic will be easily peeled.

Never use knife! It is highly important for the cloves not to be damaged nor cut. This way the garlic will not create the unpleasant smell in your body.

– After you clean the cloves drink a glass of water same as when you drink pills or capsules. Therefore, it is advisable for the cloves to be smaller.

– Consume the cloves on an empty stomach at least 45 minutes before breakfast.

If you consume garlic in this way, it will not produce any smell, will dissolve in your body, and you will get most of its beneficial ingredients. The unpleasant smell will appear neither the same, nor the next day.

Whatever you do, remember that the cloves must remain undamaged and uncut when peeling them.

We highly recommend you permanently and daily use garlic this way. The best thing is that shortly after you feel the improvement in the quality of your overall health and life in general.

It is sufficient to consume 1 or 2 garlic cloves.


Source: healthyfoodstar