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Time For Natural Health Care

7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Powerful Carrot



Carrot is one of the healthiest vegetables because it contains many useful and healing ingredients. Such foods are used worldwide. Carrots have expressed antimicrobial (antibiotic) action.

In today’s article we will present powerful carrots’ seven secrets!

1. Carrots origin from Afghanistan

The first cultivated types of carrot come from Afghanistan and were cultivated 1300 years ago. Today it is grown everywhere in the world. From the Middle East it spread to North Africa and from there to Spain and the rest of the world.

2. Wild carrot is aphrodisiac

Unlike cultured, wild carrot is characterized by white and stringy fruit. It grows on fields and meadows, and the herb is used in medicine for treating numerous diseases – from hormonal imbalances to digestive disorders and obstacles. Some swear by its powerful aphrodisiac properties.

3. Carrot is durable vegetable

Carrot is a rare kind of vegetable that is durable throughout the winter and its fruit’s taste is not affected by it. The more the carrots are deeper in the ground the sweeter and better-tasting flavor it has.

4. Carrots are allies to beauty

88% of the composition of carrot is water. Because of this, this vegetable has a low caloric value and therefore it is recommended to those on diet to nibble it throughout the day.

Carrots have abundant of vitamin A, which is synthesized by your body into carotenoids. Beta carotene from carrots helps to protect the body from diseases of the blood flow, improves vision and beautifies the skin.

5. There are carrots in different colors

Today there are carrots in different colors, which is interesting and you can find them orange, white, yellow, red, purple… The different colors of carrots contain different antioxidants, ingredients that fight the harmful effects of free radicals. Root it the most commonly used part of this vegetable, but you can use the leaves of carrots too, but previously boiled.

6. Cooking releases more beta-carotene in carrots

If you want to gain maximum of carrots’ benefit, thermally treat them before consumption. Namely, the fresh vegetable contains only 3% beta – carotene, while when cooked (boiling or roasting) it releases up to 40% of this important compound.

7. Carrots are easy to clean

Cleaning carrots is not long and tiring. You can clean it completely with a few simple moves. Just wash it well with water and easily scratch the problematic parts using a knife.