48-Hour Weekend Liver, Colon and Kidney Detox that Will Remove All Toxins and Fat from Your Body



People have known the benefits of detoxification for thousands of years. Fasting has been part of several religious systems. Hippocrates has also suggested fasting because of its health benefits.

You can follow a detox diet regime to lose weight. But most often, people follow a process of fasting where the calorie intake falls down aggressively. This can force your body into starving and thus affects your metabolism due to loss of key nutrients. Such a detox diet can also lead to nausea, fatigue, giddiness, and dehydration. It can also cause damages to your colon.

Body’s Own Detoxification System

Do you know that our body runs its own unique system of internal detoxification? This system involves the 3 organ groups of kidneys, liver and colon. The functions of each organ group are as following:

– Liver – Our liver works as the firs layer of defense against the harmful effects of toxins. The organ works like a filter that stops toxins from your food to move into the blood stream.

– Kidneys – Our kidneys are filtering our blood constantly. They keep removing toxins and remove them into the urine.

– Colon – Our colon has a colony of bacteria that produce good and bad chemicals. The colon’s function is to eliminate toxins so that they don’t cause any harm.

If a detox diet has to be effective, your body will require support in the consumption of all the essential nutrients.

This 2-day (weekend) cleansing method has been recommended by Dr. Oz. It revolves around the consumption of foods that would improve the functioning of the above-mentioned 3 organ groups. The detox plan involves preparing and consuming the diet and taking for 2 days.


Quinoa & Prunes

Take one bowl of quinoa in breakfast. This whole grain is loaded with proteins, fiber and phosphorus. The prunes will supply your body with sorbitol and more fiber. Sorbitol is an effective laxative.

You will need the following ingredients:

– Quinoa – 1/2 cup

– Nutmeg – tiny amount

– Water – 1 cup

– Ginger (grated) – 1 tsp

– Flaxseed oil – 1 tbsp

– Prunes (chopped) – 1/3 cup

– Rice milk – 1/4 cup


– Take a pot and add the water into it

– Add quinoa into it along with a pinch of nutmeg

– Add the ginger

– Mix it well and boil

– Once it comes to a boil, lower the heat and let it simmer for 10 minutes

– Now add the rice milk and prunes and cook for 5 minutes

– Add the flaxseed oil before consumption


Detox Drinks

1. Pineapple + Kale + Ginger

The first detox drink has 3 main ingredients:

– Pineapple – It has bromelain, which is beneficial for digestion.

– Kale – It will cleanse your kidneys.

– Ginger – It will stimulate the flow of bile in the gall bladder.

You will need the following ingredients to prepare your detox snack:

– Pineapple – 1/2 cup

– Kale – a bunch (without stem)

– Cucumber – 2

– Lemon – 1/2 squeezed

– Ginger – 1/4”

– Mint – 1/2 cup

Add all these ingredients into you juicer and mix well. Your detox snack will be ready.

2. Pineapple + Lemon + Pomegranate

You can prepare this second detox snack without using a juicer. The ingredients needed are:

– Pineapple juice – 3/4 cup

– Lemon – 1

– Water – 3 cups

– Pomegranate juice – 1 cup

Make sure the juices are unsweetened. Mix all these ingredients together and your snack will be ready. This will give you four servings to be enjoyed between meals through the day.

3. Vegetable Snack

You can also enjoy this veggie snack between meals. Use the following steps to prepare it:

– Cut radish, cucumber and celery (other veggies) and mix together

– Add lemon juice, olive oil, pepper and salt

Take this detox snack between meals through the day.


Enjoy this fruit smoothie as lunch. You will need the following ingredients:

– Almond milk – 1/2 cup

– Chia/flaxseed (ground) – 1 tbsp

– Banana – 1/4

– Blueberries (frozen) – 1/4 cup

– Ice – 1/2 cup

Mix all these ingredients using a blender to make the smoothie.

The health benefits of this detox lunch are as following:

– Blueberries – It contains quercetin, a flavonoid which boosts your immune system and liver health.

– Banana – It contains vitamin B6, which works in detoxifying your liver.

– Flaxseed – It contains omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. The fiber is beneficial in improving elimination and the fatty acids are good for brain nourishment.


Veg-Broth Soup

Your detox dinner will have the following ingredients:

– Red Onions (sliced) – 2

– Celery stalks (sliced) – 2

– Fennel bulb (sliced) – 1

– Sea salt – 2 tsp

– Caraway seeds – 2 tsp

– Pepper (ground)

– Shitake caps (sliced) – 1 cup

– Garlic cloves (sliced) – 4

– Water – 2 liters

– Cabbage (chopped) – 1

– Paprika – 2 tbsp

– Fresh sliced oregano – 2 tbsp

– Parsley (sliced) – 8 sprigs (with leaves & stems)

– Parsley (sliced) – 1/2 cup

Mix all the ingredients in a pot and add all the water (don’t add the slicked parsley yet). Bring to a boil and then lower the heat. Let the mixture simmer for 1 hour. You can serve it with the topping of the fresh sliced parsley.

The health benefits of this detox dinner are as following:

– Garlic – It will help in the proper functioning of both the gall bladder and liver.

– Fennel – It will help improve the flow of bile in the gall bladder.

– Cabbage – It helps in detoxifying the kidneys and liver.

– Shitake Mushrooms – They will help in improving your liver enzymes.

You can also enjoy the soup along with a siding of sauerkraut and chopped apples. The probiotics in the sauerkraut will protect your GI tract. On the other hand, apple helps in improving the functioning of the kidneys and liver.

You should follow these rules to get the best from this 2-day detoxifying regime:

– You should not take food after 7

– Take Epsom salt bath along with it. It is going of help with sweating, which will further benefit in removing toxins. The magnesium content will further give relaxation to your muscles.

– Take 1 cup of dandelion root tea before going to sleep. This will help your liver to remove toxins.

More Detox Foods

The following foods will also help in improving detoxification from your body. They will especially help benefit these organs:

– Liver – Take blackberries, blueberries and other dark-black berries. They help the liver in removing toxins. Hot pepper contains capsaicin, which stimulates enzymes that help with liver detoxification.

– Colon – Take whole gains, as they contain phosphorus, which is a natural laxative. The fiber will help in bulking up the stools. Also take sour pickles and fermented foods as they contain probiotics which play protective role for your colon.

– Kidneys – Eat soy-based products. They are similar to diuretics that improve urination. Take cauliflower, broccoli, and book choy. These veggies will improve your kidney’s functioning in removing toxins through urine. They will also help in the recovery of liver cells from detoxification.


Source: My iLifestyle