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Time For Natural Health Care

A Glass Of Soda Means Death To The Teeth (VIDEO)



People who are addicted to soft and sweetened beverages completely ignore the warnings we all know about are extremely harmful.

The team of BuzzFeed decided to show exactly how the carbonated beverages act on the oral cavity and teeth.

First, before the conducted experiment, the researchers gathered passionate carbonated beverages lovers and examined exactly why we want these drinks and whether they know how they act on the body or not.

Then, they have put teeth in a glass of soft drink and have observed what will happen in the following 5 days. What happened the last day of the experiment will leave you speechless.

Participants in the experiment cringed once they saw what carbonated beverages can really cause.

It is interesting to note that changes in the teeth can be noticed after one hour, and the view is not at all pleasant.

In addition, watch the video: