Here’s What A Man Consumed And Overcame His Diabetes Without Medicine!



This young man was taken aback when he was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure 4 years back. It meant leading a future life on insulin and pills for high blood pressure.

4 years down the road, he has fully treated his diabetes by taking raw fruits and veggies!

The young man came to know about his diabetes 4 years ago when he was feeling thirsty too often. When his doctor diagnosed him, he found his sugar levels at 29. The guy was shocked when his doctor told him that his pancreas no longer worked.

This was when he realized his future would be spent taking insulin.

He had to accept his condition with reluctance. He took insulin and also engaged in some sports. Gradually, other medical problems emerged. His triglyceride levels shot up to 16 and his blood pressure reached 150 by 100. Now his life was full of pills.

On the new year’s eve (2013), he was watching the TV show – The Edge of Science, which had Dr. John Zirdum as its guest. The doctor had been living on raw foods for more than 12 years.

He thought a lot about the show and its guest and made a decision to try raw foods himself. The first thing he did next was to get a blender.

During the first week the guy had to overcome a lot of temptations for other foods, but he overcame them effectively. He noticed the initial results almost instantly. His blood sugar level came down to 5.

This was when he took the decision to stop taking insulin. He realized that if he stuck to his diet, his sugar level will not rise again.

He however kept the option for insulin open in case the sugar levels rose at any time. But that was never required.

In some time he always began losing his weight. In fact, he continued losing around 1 kg per day. Just within 25 days he was 11 kg lighter.

Within 4 months of deciding to move onto raw foods, he had transformed into an entirely new person. He had already stopped insulin and his blood pressure normalized to 120/70. His triglyceride levels came down to 1.4 and he had lost an overall 20 kg.

Today he leads a life without any pills and he feels great.

His favorite juice has the following ingredients:

– Kale – Handful

– Banana – 5

– Kiwi – 2

– Apple – 2

Pour 1/2 liter water on all these ingredients and blend. Drink 1/2 liter of the juice immediately and the remaining juice throughout the day.

Whenever you feel hungry, just eat some fruits and salads. You can also eat tuna. Tuna contains high amount of vitamin B12. It is an essential vitamin for our body.

With these raw foods, you will not feel hungry. Your blood will receive the information about your body’s nutrition levels through the blood. This food will keep your blood rich in all the essential nutrients.


Source: justhealthylifestyle