Do You Drink Pepsi, Nestle? Do You Know How Many Fetuses You Have Eaten So Far? They Are In Juices, Chocolates, Medicaments



Biotechnology industry Senomyx from San Diego, California is specialized for development of embedded flavors in food and thereof is under attack for allegedly using human cells from aborted fetuses in order to test the properties of their various synthetic flavorings.

The Senomyx website explains that they have developed, salty, sweet and spicy flavored ingredients intended to reduce monosodium glutamate – MSG, sugar and salt in food and beverages.

The method was created by using isolated human sense of taste receptors.

Debbie Vinej is a director of Children of God for Life – CGL. She told a thing that the company would rather not say in public, that they are using HEK 293 – human embryonic kidney cells taken from aborted fetuses to produce these receptors.

Also, she added, they could easily do so with laboratory animals or other morally obtained cell to create the G – protein receptors for taste.

In order to encourage the industry to switch to alternative methods of examination, CGL say they have tried many times to contact the Senomyx, however, they were replicated with frightening answers. Also, the group contacted other industries “associates” such as PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, Solae and Nestle. They in fact assist in funding research and development in Senomyx.

Also, Campbell Soup is a Fellow of Senomyx, but soon after they were contacted by CGL, the industry said that they have officially severed ties with Senomyx.

Experts say that the corporation has no morality and ethics, doing what they need to in order to maximize its profits. Unfortunately, it is a harsh reality in which we live today.

Even though the industry uses cells from aborted fetuses to test their tastes and flavors, thereof are derived synthetic themselves.

Since the embedded flavorings are actually fake they company actually reduces the cost of production of processed food, but does not allow benefits for their consumers.

Due to the use of cells from aborted fetuses, the government of Oklahoma wanted to ban Pepsi long time ago. Senator of Oklahoma was too concerned about the ethical and moral implications of such processes, and introduced a new law that prohibits this practice.

To make this clearer, and see what we really are talking about, watch the whole video:


Reference: naturalnews

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