Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

Breaking Study: This Green Herb Could Be The Cure To 5 Different Types Of Cancer Including Ovarian, Liver, Lung And Melanoma




Moringa is a tree whose all parts have been used for thousands of years in South Indian recipes. It is cherished for its special taste, consistency and the tons of nutrients that it carries. We all may recognize it by other names like Malunggay and drumstick. What makes it so special is its nutrient content and health benefits which are bigger than any plant you may have ever heard of. Even the health community has been stunned after discovering its nutrients after a series of recent studies.

Moringa tree has been a native tree to some parts of Asia and Africa. The natives have been using all parts of the tree in foods. This includes its leaves, flowers, fruits, roots, bark and pods. All parts contain very high percentage of most nutrients.

Why is the scientific community feeling so special about moringa?

A comparison of moringa with the biggest health foods out there will tell you why it has created big ripples in the health science world.

Spinach – Iron

When we talk of iron, we naturally think of spinach. But we have never known that moringa has more than 3 times the iron in the same amount of spinach. Goodbye spinach!

Olive Oil – Antioxidants

We all include olive oil in our food because of its very high antioxidant levels. The seeds of moringa produce Ben oil that has almost equivalent oxidants. What is even better is that it has infinite shelf life. You can store and use it forever.

Carrots – Vitamin A

Talk of vitamin A and we can think of nothing else but carrots. They are considered great for our eyes. Moringa simply contains 4 times more vitamin than our good old carrot. It also has more beta-carotene. Now you know what contains more vitamin A than carrots.



We all need that cup of coffee as the first thing in the morning. Moringa leaves can give you a bigger energy boost than coffee and all that without the caffeine. You will remain more energetic for a longer period in natural way without all the side effects.


Most of us are taking multivitamins of some sort. Moringa supplements, containing the pods and leaves of moringa have almost all the vitamins. Best of all, you will not be taking anything artificial.

Yogurt – Proteins

Most of us take yogurt to replenish our body’s protein needs. Moringa has 2 times more protein than yogurt.

Bananas – Potassium

Bananas are considered to have some of the highest percentage of potassium. But we never knew that moringa has 3 times more of the mineral (electrolyte).

Orange – Vitamin C

When we think of vitamin C, there could be nothing better than orange. But moringa is better than the fruit – so much better that it has 7 times the vitamin C in orange.

Milk – Calcium

You don’t think moringa can have calcium. It’s a plant. Why would it have calcium? The fact is that moringa has 4 times more calcium than in milk.

Now you know why the health science community is going crazy over this green herb!

But that is not all. Moringa also has great anti-cancer benefits.

Research Studies Prove Cancer Fighting Benefits of Moringa

There are so many cancer fighting compounds in moringa. The most important ones are isoquercetin, rhamnetin and kaempferol. According to scientists, research shows that moringa’s anti-cancer benefits are extend over cancers of the lung, liver, ovaries, and also melanoma. The findings of the research can be found on Pubmed.

Extra Health Benefits

There are even more health benefits of the moringa tree:

  • Could be used for improving human lactation
  • Beneficial in purifying water
  • Beneficial in treating different chronic illnesses, wounds and bites
  • It has 9 essential amino acids, almost 50 antioxidants, 30 vitamins, and several minerals
  • Doesn’t cause any side effects. Can be used for both grownups and kids.
  • Use for cleansing your skin and for shiny and good-looking hair.

How to Get Moringa Products?

Given that this herb is a super food, everyone would want to get its products. Kuli Kuli Foods has a small scale, farm-based cooperative and fair-trade operation in Haiti and Ghana.

It is also available for making delicious curry recipes and soup, and is available at grocery stores catering to South Indian cuisine or at South Indian grocery stores. As the scientific community keeps spreading the message of its latest findings, the world will start using moringa!

Source: The Hearty Soul