Findings Confirmed, Doctors Did Not Believe: A Woman Cured Cancer In The Fourth Stage! She Ate Only THIS!



This is the real-life story of Candice Marie Fox, who cured herself of her 4th stage cancer after doctors had given up on her. Doctors don’t expect a patient to make it out once he or she reaches this stage in cancer. But Candice’ is a story of miracle or what nature has in store with it!

Candice was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and the doctors found that she didn’t have long to go. Her thyroid cancer was diagnosed at an advanced stage and there was nothing much they could do. They gave her a maximum of 5 years because the cancer had already spread to her other organs.

Because she saw that according to her doctors she had already lost the battle for life, she didn’t want to go the chemo way. She looked at nature and began curing her using a traditional way.

She had already seen how even after chemotherapy one of her cousin of 13 and a friend of 31 had lost their battle to cancer. She came to the conclusion that chemo doesn’t give positive results.

So she took the alternative route and began studying about cancer.

After some time she learnt that bromelain found in pineapple, kiwi and papaya helped in destroying the layers of protein of cancer. At the same time, she studied that cancer feeds on animal proteins.

She began by stopping the use of cleaning products and cosmetics. She quit smoking and also reduced her stress levels.

She found that cancer feeds on all these chemicals, animal products and stress.

Another thing she realized is that taking big meals consumed a lot of energy of the body for digestion. She switched to smaller meals to save her energy in fighting the disease.

She began taking 3 pineapples plus kiwi, lemon, apples, papaya, bananas and grapefruit a day to get high levels of bromelain. In fact, she was eating nothing else but fruits for several days during her routine.

To the shock of her doctors, her cancer was gone after 6 months! It was fully cured!

Source: homehealthyrecipes