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Time For Natural Health Care

Add This 5 Second Habit in Your Morning Routine and Lose Weight Quickly!



If you want to have a perfect body and be happy with your appearance, you only need to include a single habit in your morning routine, for which you will need a few seconds of your time.

An interesting fact is that morning weighing affects quantity of food that you eat during the day.

The new study conducted on the American professional journal “Journal of Obesity” has proved that people who measured their body weight every day are better in maintaining their beloved weight apart from persons who are not practicing this.

Early morning weighing had a major impact on the respondents’ desire to start being on a diet or to reduce calorie intake.

Recording the data from the weighting and regularly monitoring these digits are opening the eyes of individuals. They started to be more alerted of the food intake, on a daily basis, and some evens started exercising.

Also, after the weight loss, respondents regularly measured their body weight are were able to easily maintain the desired body weight even after two years, thus preventing the usual phenomenon of weight loss i.e. the yo-yo effect.

Source: healthyandnaturallife

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