420 Stones Have Been Removed From His Kidney – He Used To Eat Too Much Tofu!

420 stones have been removed from his kidney – he used to eat too much tofu!


It is about a 55 years old man, named as Mr. He. This man was passionate Chinese tofu lover.

He suffered severe abdominal pain, and immediately went to a doctor for medical examination in Zhejiang Province, Eastern China.

After the screening, it has been detected that his kidneys are full of stones and he was immediately sent on a surgery.

While examining they found out that this man consumed too much tofu every day and drank too little water, therefore doctors are suspect that this is the main reason for kidneys’ stress and stones ‘building’.

The surgeon who treated Mr. He said that he has been shocked of the number of kidney stones that he removed from the patient’s body.

The surgery took 2 hours, of which 45 minutes have been spent for removing the stones.