5 Plants For Your Bedroom To Help You Sleep Better



A lot of people have trouble getting good sleep. They try a lot of techniques to get good sleep, but in vain. Change of mattresses, banana tea relaxation and medication are a few of the things people do to get better sleep. Many a times these don’t work.

Sleep has now become a global health problem according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

NASA’s study says that plants have a cleansing effect and help in keeping the environment cool and calm.

It is well known that exterior plants do have benefits. Now it is said that indoor plants also have good benefits. They could help you sleep better.

Some of the advantages of indoor plants are:

– Better sleep

– Relief from headache

– Improves mood

– Reduces anxiety

– Relieves stress

– Improves air quality

– Prevents cold and other diseases

– Better smell

– Better functioning of the brain

The following are the top 5 plants that you can plant indoors to sleep better and improve the overall environment at home.

1. Aloe Vera plant: This plant emits oxygen at night. More oxygen could mean good quality of sleep and can help people with insomnia. According to NASA, this is one of the best plants to have to improve the quality of air. It is easy to maintain and has many other benefits as well. It is easy to reproduce. It is also called the ‘plant of immortality’. Use it as much as possible in and around your house to enjoy its benefits.

2. Jasmine plant: Just the smell of this plant can reduce stress and anxiety. It thus helps you sleep better and keeps you active the next day. Plant this exotic jasmine plant to improve productivity in your daily life.

3. Snake plant: This plant filters oxygen and thus improves air quality in its surroundings. It can avoid other illnesses like eye irritation, headaches and respiratory problems. They are also easy to maintain. They are good plants to be used for interior decoration of your house.

4. Lavender plant: Lavender also has many health benefits. It slows heart rate and improves sleep. It also helps babies by reducing their crying. Apart from these, they also alleviate stress and anxiety. Go ahead and grow your own lavender plants. Its oil are famous as it is.

5. English Ivy plant: This plant helps people having breathing problems like asthma, especially during the night. Such problems are usually caused by contaminants in the air. Thus, it prevents breathing problems, allergies and asthma by killing airborne mold by almost 94%.

It has been declared as the best plant to purify air. It is easy to grow as well. It also helps you sleep better and is not expensive either.


It is good to have indoor plants at home. They improve air quality, help you sleep better and remove contaminants which are airborne. You will find that you will get rid of all the symptoms which have been annoying you earlier. Your overall health will improve. You will have a better sense of well being.

Many other plants can be grown indoors. Try out any that you like and see the difference.


Source: Fitlife.tv