He Loses 75% Of His Eyesight Because Of This Toy That Many Of You Have Bought For Their Kids!




It is about a 14 years old teenager from Australia who was playing with his toy when he got from his parents and unfortunately he has lost 75% of his eyesight.

This is supposed to e lesson for all parents.

Probably your child has also been playing with this toy, which is quite popular among the teenagers, and older, too!

That toy is actually a laser pointer. Toy that kids love, because it throws red shining light on a great distance. The worst of all is that teenager was doing all that in front of the eyes of his parents, who consciously participated in his vision damaging.

Day by day, his vision worsened.

Fourteen years old boy was immediately sent to an ophthalmologist, who after the examination, said that the boy has directed the laser towards his eyes and that he has lost 75% of his eyesight on both eyes.

Back parts of his eyes suffered laser burns.

However, even though the boy did not feel any pain during the incident, his eyesight has been damaged the very same moment.

The ophthalmologist explained that most damaged are the central parts of the eyes and that it cannot be recovered even with eye glasses.

In many countries such lasers are sold in toy shops on regular basis, but it must be emphasized that much of them are with lower power, which cannot leave any consequences and they are almost harmless. This teenager was not that lucky, because his parents bought him extremely powerful laser.

Radiological Health Center of the American Food and Drugs Administration showed that lasers with 5mW can damage the eye, while there are no reported cases of injuries with laser with power range of 3-5mW.