3 Types Of Face: Minor Changes That Reveal What Happens To Your Body


Face is the best indicator for changes that reveal what happens to your body, but moreover, it can also suggest on the bad living habits.

If you notice that your skin is in a bad condition, lifeless, or that you have acnes on your face, it is time for a change.

Read below about the 3 types of problematic face that detect certain health issues..

1. “Winter” face



– You feel constant fatigue

– When you wake up in the morning, your face is pale and with highlighted bags under your eyes

– The skin on your face looks loose


– Insufficient sleep

– Bad blood circulation

– Dry air

– Too little physical activity


– Consume food rich in beta carotene and vitamin C.

– Twice a week make face piling that will remove the dead cells from the skin. Use moisturizing cream on regular basis.

– When you apply the cream, apply thicker layer and with circle movements with your fingers gently massage your face. Repeat the same procedure on your neck, particularly under your chin.

2. “Sweet” face



– Your face is constantly oily

– You have acnes

– You wake up swollen

– Your skin looks lifeless

– Pores on the skin are highlighted


– Food rich in sugar and fats

– Drinking large quantities of alcohol


– Sugar is number one enemy of your health and of your skin. Therefore, remove it you’re your menu or reduce it to minimum.

– Avoid alcohol drinks.

– Drink green tea and a lot of water.

3. “Fat” face:



– Tightened, rosy cheeks

– Your face and your eyes always look swollen

– The part of the chin is more emphasized


– Drinking little water (dehydration)

– Eating junk food, fatty and sweet

– Overeating that causes bloating


– Drink lot of water or combine it with few tablespoons of lemon juice and cucumbers.

– Remove salty and fatty food.

– Consume cooked food that is easily digested.

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