1 Lemon Peel Trick To Get Rid Of Inflammation And Chronic Pain



There are many reasons why the lemon tree is one of the most widely cultivated and oldest of fruit plants worldwide. There are tons of reasons why lemons fully deserve to be called super foods.

Lemons have a wide range of vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, B1, B6, C, and magnesium, pectin, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, bioflavonoids, and folic acid.

Because of all these nutrients it is capable of fighting various diseases and conditions. It also helps in creating positive effects on your organs and systems like liver, intestines, stomach and immune system.

The peels and juice from lemon are known for their sour and acidic taste. Lemon can work as a buffer in our system and can help in minimizing hyperactivity within our stomach.

The peels are known for their antiseptic properties and the leaves help in reducing fever. In fact, this citrus fruit can also be beneficial in getting rid of joint pain.

Lemon peel has fragrant volatile essential oils which are great for relaxing blood vessels. They also create an anti-inflammatory effect, which is beneficial for pains of the nerve and joints.

Here is a simple and highly effective recipe that can be prepared with just a few ingredients available in your home.

You can prepare the recipe using these 2 effective methods:

1. Grate the lemon’s peel in a way that only the yellow layer is used, not the white. Then rub the grated peel on the body area where you have problem. Then wrap it using a bandage, and leave it for 2 hours.

2. Take 2 lemons and keep their rind in a jar. Pour olive oil into the jar and fill it up. Now close this jar and leave for 14 days. After 2 weeks, use this oil by rubbing on the problem areas and then wrap gauze over it. Leave it so through the night.

It is recommended that you should use only organic lemons.



Source: Super Tasty Recipes