Say No To Nutella, It Is Poisoning You And Your Children



Nutella is a popular product and so many people worldwide are addicted to it. In fact, it is not just the kids, even adults enjoy it. Most advertisements claim that Nutella is a healthy food and there is an attempt to convince everyone about its healthiness. But that is not the truth.

The ingredients used in the preparation of Nutella are in fact not as healthy as you think. In fact, it’s not about all the ingredients. The concerns are about the few ingredients that make this product so unhealthy.

These are the 4 ingredients in Nutella which are unhealthy:

1. Soy

You can take soy, but only in very small amounts. But the modern cuisine contains large amounts of soy, which is not healthy in any way. The ingredient soy lecithin is so harmful that it’s been connected to problems like breast cancer, thyroid depression, menstruation problems, fatigue, and weight gain.

2. Sugar

Nutella also contains sugar which is cheap and contains high amounts of pesticides. Our body cannot identify it. This type of sugar is considered as neurotoxin and it is capable of crossing our brain barrier and cause brain cell elimination. The following conditions have been related to such sugars:



– Autism

– Migraine

– Depression

3. Skim Milk

Most of us believe that milk is quite health for our body and that its production process is healthy. The fact is that the milk used for making Nutella is sourced from sick cows that are given lots of antibiotics. There’s powdered milk in the odorless milk. And powdered milk contains the most damaging kind of cholesterol.

4. Vanillin

This is a kind of flavor that gives you a flavor similar to vanilla. But it feature neurotoxin properties and can cause brain cell elimination. In fact, it also makes you addicted to it and it secretes serotonin. Chinese factories are the biggest producers of this kind of fake flavor.

Avoid all these neurotoxins by stopping the consumption of Nutella. Raise your voice and keep your children safe and protected against all the lies promoted about this food.



Source/Reference: healthylivinghouse,    Healthy Food Star