20 Brilliant Tips to Never Have Spoiled Food Again (and how to cut your grocery bill in half)



Here are some tips to help you preserve some of your grocery products and save you money as well.

Learn from these tips and apply it to your everyday grocery shopping routine.

1. Onions:

– Use a pair of nylon stockings and tie a knot between every one of your onions.

– You will preserve your onions for as long as 8 months.

– This is because they are not placed against each other but rather they are in fresh air.

2. Potatoes, onions, and apples:

– Store each item separately.

– If stored together you will reduce their shelf-life.

– Store potatoes in dark places to prevent them from developing germs or a toxic known as solanine.

3. Berries:

– Put your fresh berries into a bowl of vinegar and clean water.

– You should use the ratio of 10 parts of water to 1 part of vinegar.

– Leave the berries in the mixture for 5 minutes, then strain in a sieve and allow to dry.

– The berries will last longer and microbes will be destroyed from it as well.

4. Raw Natural Honey:

– Keep raw natural honey in a sealed glass jar to preserve it’s shelf life.

– Raw natural honey is one of the best well preserved natural nectar in nature, provided it’s real natural ran honey and not the artificially cultured one.

5. Eggs:

– You can freeze your eggs, put them in an ice-cube tray and add some salt of sugar to prevent them from becoming grainy.

– You can the use whenever you want as it will be well preserved and ready for future use.

 6. Tomato sauce:

– You can also put tomato sauce in a freezer bag and have it frozen for future use.

– It will also be fresh and will not develop any smell nor will it be tainted in any way as long as it is in the freezer bag.

7. Herbs:

– You can freeze your herbs, just add some olive oil and the herbs can be preserved for a very long time indeed.

8. Bananas:

– Your bananas will brown slowly if you wrap their stem in a cling wrap.

9. Celery, broccoli, and lettuce:

– When you store these vegetables wrapped in aluminium and kept in your fridge they will last for ages and will not lose their freshness.



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