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You Need To Go To The Toilet But You Postpone It? – Here Is What Would Happen If You Do It Often



Does often happen to you to postpone urination until the last minute? Did you know that retaining urine too long is really dangerous and can badly affect your health?

Dr. Benjamin Booker reveals for magazine Woman’s Health what can happen if you hold urine long, how dangerous it is and can you get your organism to urinate less.

How long can you postpone urine?

Most people can retain urine from three to six hours. The capacity of the body retaining urine of each person is different. It depends on the amount of the previous hydration fluid and the operation and sensitivity of the bladder, the doctor explains.

What is the worst that can happen?

As a result of retention of urine, there are no specific complications, but there is a higher risk of urinary tract infections, which are treated with antibiotics. If you have inflammation of the urinary system, you will have an increased need for going to the bathroom, and the same will happen if you suffer from disorders of overactive bladder. If you notice you urinate more frequently than before, see a doctor immediately.

Can you get your body to urinary less?

Even though we all know that it is very important to be hydrated, drinking a lot of water has its irritated side, and that is your body “shouting” for going to the toilet very often. Some people have more sensitive bladder then others, so the best is when they have least amount of urine inside their organisms. It is necessary to throw these thoughts away from your head and obey your body’s needs, says the doctor. It could expand your bladder in a healthy way, but you should not expect some major changes.

So if you feel the need to urinate is not a big deal postponing it. However, because of your own pleasure you should empty the bladder.