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Time For Natural Health Care

You Are Addicted To Sweets? Here Is A Recipe Consisted Of Two Ingredients Which Will Help You Overcome Your Addiction And Will Help You Lose Weight


Addicted to sweets? Unfortunately, more and more adults and children become addicted to sweets. Why is that?

We mostly reach for sweets when we are under acute stress or got used to this oral satisfaction with which we compensate for some deep, unconscious resentment. Once we get used to eating sweets, then the body becomes dependent on that good feeling which soothes us.

When a person eats a lot of sweets, his body creates an excellent environment for the multiplication of bacteria and fungi.

The simplest way to get rid of this addiction is the natural recipe consisted of only two natural ingredients: Flax seeds and cloves. The recipe follows in addition.

For preparation of the mixture you will need:

– 100 grams of flaxseed and

– 10 grams of cloves,

In other words you need to have these two ingredients in ratio 10:1.

Method of preparation:

Grind everything into powder. This amount should be sufficient for 3 days.


You need to consume two heaped tablespoons daily, during three days.

– The resulting mixture can be added to any cooked food or in a meal.You can also add it in a glass of warm water and drink it.It is best consumed in the morning.

– After the treatment you need to make a three day pause and then repeat the whole procedure.

– The mixture should be consumed for whole month.

– For gaining the best possible results, you need to consume water in which you have cooked flaxseed, on an empty stomach, of course. At this time of withdrawal of the habit, make sure to increase your intake of fresh juices, nuts and parsley.

Abstain from eating sweets. You will notice that addiction slowly breaks, and after the treatment you will not feel desire for sweets at all.

If women notice increased desire for sweets before the menstrual cycle, they need to increase the consumption of foods that contain magnesium. During this period they are allowed to consume 1-2 rows of dark chocolate (with at least 70% cocoa) a day.

Source: healthyfoodplace