Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

You should immediately stop! Here Is What You Do To Yourself Each Time You Clean Your Ears Using Cotton Swab!



Unfortunately, cotton swabs are more dangerous than useful. In addition to this article read why and how harmful they really are.

You remove the natural protection

After drawing the cotton swab back from the ears, you think you have removed all earwax and your ears are completely clean, but you are actually pushing the larger amount of wax deeper into the ear canal, explains Doctor Leon Chen. If you regularly clean your ears with cotton swabs, you would end up at the doctor sooner or later, the doctor warns.

The wax that accumulates in the ears actually contains antibiotic substances and protects from fungi. Frequent ear cleaning, using cotton swabs, can lead to complications, form infection to eczema.

Clean your ears with cotton swabs three times a month tops

Try to refrain from cleaning the ears with cotton swabs, or do it up to 3 times a month, especially after showering because the extremely hot steam softens it.

Also, while cleaning the ears, hold the swab so that your fingers are on the end of the cotton. This way you will prevent yourself from pushing the cotton swab deep in the ear canal.

You should only clean the ear shell gently and just a small part of the canal.

Anyway, it is best to quit using cotton swabs and clean your ear, as you need, at the doctor.

Also, there is a home method for cleaning the ears that is very effective and is not dangerous at all.

Cleaning the ears using oil and peroxide

Once a week fill a bottle with olive, mineral or baby oil.

Apply 3 drops of the oil mixture in each ear, before bedtime, and gently massage the parts that protect the entrance to the ear. After that you need to fix cotton wool over the ear opening.

The next day, during the shower, you need to put a small amount of hydrogen in your palm and rub it in the ear. Thus, the wax will be completely removed. But of course, before you do this, consult your doctor.