Yoga For Complete Beginners – A Yoga Class In 20 Minutes



Yoga is one of the best methods to calm your body and mind. It is a good physical activity to become flexible and gain balance and strength. It controls your breath and relaxes your mind.

Many people find it difficult to meditate. It is tough to sit quietly and try to calm your mind. Yoga helps you in calming your mind while focusing on something. You can understand what it’s like when you meditate. Therefore, it is a good way to start and move towards meditation slowly.

You can start yoga by doing some simple exercises. It is only a 20 minute routine. You can end your session by relaxing and becoming absolutely still as you take rest. This is the best part about the whole routine. You will feel really good. Try it to see it for yourself.

The benefits of yoga are as follows:

– Relieves stress

– Connects you and the earth.

– Improves your creative abilities.

– Increases focus, mental clarity and sharpness

– Improves your body posture

– Helps you gain strength and flexibility

– Helps you increase endurance and builds muscles

– You become adjusting and change your habits and behaviors for the better

– Balances your neurological system

– Helps you in creating a healthy lifestyle

– Increases your intuition


Source: Collective-Evolution