She Cured Lung Cancer With The Remedy She Made By Herself



In 2013, Sharon Kelly was diagnosed with a lung cancer.

Sharon Kelly, who is 55 years old, living in Australia, released a video on You Tube in which she explains how she succeeded to treat IV stage lung cancer. She cured herself with the help of cannabis since the doctors gave her few months to live.

Once the disease was diagnosed, her doctor suggested chemotherapy as an option, but at the same time noting that the disease would not be cured but that it will provide her few more months to live.

After doctor’s statements, Sharon and her husband were very disappointed and pressured by the dilemma whether to accept the oncologist’s suggestion for the chemotherapy. She was particularly frustrated and shocked due to the fact that she has never been a smoker, and now she has few months to live because of lung cancer.

When Sharon and her husband returned home, they announced the bad news to their daughter. After hearing the news, their daughter suggested them to see some information on the Internet that she has earlier read concerning the cannabis oil and its ability to cure several types of cancer.