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Most people live an unhealthy lifestyle these days. This increases during the festive season when people binge on fatty and carbohydrate rich food. Your body will be full of toxins when the festive season ends. This may cause a lot of harm. It can lead to an increase in weight making you look not so good and put your health at risk.

Fortunately, natural remedies are available which will help you get back to your normal health soon. The following recipe will help you in getting your health back to normal. It will remove all the toxins from your body thereby detoxifying it completely. It will also increase your metabolism and help you lose weight and look good.


– Tomato juice- 1 cup

– Celery stalk- 2

– Lemon- half a piece

– Ginger- grated, 2 tablespoon

– Chilly/ pepper


Take all the ingredients except the celery stalk and blend them well until you get a uniform mixture. Pour the mixture into appropriate glasses. Now add the celery stalks to it. Celery is only meant to garnish it. You can store the mixture in the refrigerator for long term use.

Drink 3 glasses of this juice every day, between meals. Within 3 days you will be able to notice some difference.



Source: sportonlinegroup


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