Make Your Own Herbal Hands Disinfectant Gel



Prevention is one of the most important things we need to do in order to prevent ourselves from the flu and from the colds during the winter period, and the thing is that we are not always to wash our hands and that is why we need good disinfectant gel.

Therefore, we present you a recipe how to prepare such herbal gel by yourself.

You will make this excellent gel in a very fast and very simple way, and it will be very helpful especially if you have kids.


– ¼ cup of aloe vera gel

– 20 drops of essential orange oil

– 5 drops of essential clove oil

– 5 drops of essential rosemary oil

– 10 drops of essential cinnamon oil

– 10 drops of essential lavender oil


Mix each of the above mentioned ingredients and store the mixture in a small glass jar. Use it whenever you want to kill the bacteria from your hands, and whenever you are not able to wash your hands with water and soap.

Before you start applying the essential oils, particularly on children, you must consult your physician.

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