Wi-Fi: A Silent Killer That Kills Us Slowly



Wi-Fi stands for wireless networks and it means we don’t have to use cables to connect our electronic devices. Wi-Fi is everywhere and it is present even in places where it is not needed. Its mainly used by mobiles and mobile manufacturers give out instructions with them for their proper use.

But the most common scenario is we are getting exposed to wi-fi signals which cause long term damage to our health.

Wireless devices including mobiles and tablets connect to a router through wi-fi signals. These wi-fi signals are actually electromagnetic waves which are harmful for our body.

Most people ignore the risks due to lack of proper knowledge. Over time these signals cause harm to our vital functions. Even British Health Agency has confirmed that wi-fi signals have a bad impact on growth rate of both people and plants.

Exposure to wi-fi for long term can cause following problems-

– Chronic fatigue

– Ear ache and loss of concentration

– Frequent and severe headaches and lack of sleep

We can’t survive in today’s world without technology and it’s a true fact. So following certain steps we can enjoy the benefits of technology and keep our health intact at the same time. These steps allow us to handle router safely and use it when required.

– Switch off the wi-fi device when you are going to sleep

– When you don’t need just it switch it off

– You can replace cordless phones with wired ones for minimise exposure.

– Do not keep them in kitchen or bedroom.


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