Why Is So Important To Massage Your Feet Before You Going To Sleep!



Massage is one of the best ways to get relaxed. It will help in the proper functioning of your organs and improves overall health. It is not only relaxing to your body and mind, it also helps in curing.

The various areas/dots on our feet represent our different organs. In fact, our feet represent the complete map of our body. Massaging them, particularly before going to sleep in the night, is great for our health. Every time you have a massage, you will notice the difference in your body.

The most important positive effects of massaging your feet are as follows:

– Improving blood circulation

– Reducing edema effects (during pregnancy)

– Improves skin health

– Treating various diseases

– Maintaining proper functioning

– Fighting restless leg syndrome

– Improving metabolism

– Facilitating digestion

– Eliminating lactic acid

– Affecting muscles stretch

– Stimulating secretion of sweat

– Mobilization of fat

– Accelerating blood flow through tissue

– Relieving pain and stiffness due to excess workouts

– Preventing and curing various symptoms like stress, sinusitis, migraine, headaches, asthma, and constipation.


Note: You can massage using a lotion, oil or cream for best results. Lotions and creams are great for foot massages. When it comes to oils, they help in softening your rough calluses on the bottom of the feet.

If you want to get the best treatment, it is recommended to message for 10-15 minutes.



Source: Health Expert Group