What Happens To Your Body When You Start Eating Ginger Every Day!



Ginger can be your first choice as a home remedy when your stomach causes a number of unpleasant sensations due to sicknesses like gas, motion sickness, diarrhoea, etc. Originally discovered in China it is often taken to be a flavour enhancer. Gingerbreads, biscuits and drinks are found everywhere. As an herb it is known to cause several benefits that you must ensure its presence in your kitchen.

Wizard of gastric healing

The upheaval in your stomach due to gas or other agents can really be calmed by the therapeutic effects of the ginger. To prepare it, cut small slices of ginger and boil for few minutes. Use raw honey to bring sweetness. Doctor’s prescriptions say to consume 250 to 500 mg of it thrice a day in order to treat flatulence.

Cure for toothache

A tooth ache may compel you to visit a dentist and leaves little choice. Ginger comes handy during such situations with its ability to sooth pain immediately. You may rub raw ginger on your gums or use boiled water for mouth wash.

Relieve sore throat or cough symptoms

One of the immortal cures for sore throat and cough has been ginger. Make a mixture of ginger rhizomes, honey and lemon in boiling water. This is very efficient remedy for sore throat, cough and nasal blockages.

Alleviates head ache

Migraines can be one of the most frustrating things specially if prolonged. One may feel like banging the head or taking sleeping pills but a better option would be to try this ginger remedy. Mix ginger with peppermint and cayenne pepper. In boiling water, add slices of ginger along with full teaspoon dried peppermint and pinch of cayenne pepper. Boil gently for a while. Raw honey or Stevia should be used as the sweeteners. Many are accustomed make a paste combining half teaspoon of ginger powder in little water to apply on the forehead. This is more traditionally used.

Improve blood circulation

Take 50 gm of grated ginger rhizome and place it in a cloth. Squeeze out the juice into 4, 5 litres of hot water. Now you have a ginger compress which you can use to dissolve accumulated toxic matter by applying to the area.

Ginger fights cancer cells

Many researchers have been suggestive of that ginger could annihilate the ovarian cancer cells. It erodes the cancer cells at a pace faster and much safer than platinum chemotherapy, the usual prescription to the patients. Reportedly, ginger rhizome use can lower the probability of getting colon cancer by healing the intestine inflammation.

Cell inflammation treatment

A compound present in ginger called ‘gingerols’ is a remarkable remedy for cell inflammation. Researches confirm its efficiency in curing arthritis and pain relief. Muscle swelling could also be healed by this compound. Another aspect of this herb healing power was witnessed in its action against multiple issues caused by cell inflammation like obesity, diabetes and Alzheimer.

Prevents Acid Reflux

A magazine dealing with food nutrition and molecular research declared a case study which stated that ginger compounds works six times better than other acid blocker drugs. In fact, acid blocker drugs were harmful. They might destroy acid barrier thus increasing risk of ulcers or worse- stomach cancer.

Morning Sickness cure

Ginger may help expecting women in dealing with nausea and vomiting. But they must consult doctors before using ginger. A 200 mg tablet should be taken every four hours.

Other Benefits of ginger


– Chewing ginger after an operation can prevent nausea and vomiting.

– Chewing ginger after the meal assist in proper digestion.

– Muscle strains, especially among athletes can be cured by the ginger paste with turmeric being rubbed on the affect area two times a day.

– Diabetes patients must take ginger paste before a meal as it helps in stabilizing the glucose levels in the blood.


Source: Health Advisor Group