Unbelievable Discovery! This Fruit Kills Cancer Within Minutes!


Writing about a natural cure for cancer is a little sensitive subject because for treating this terrible disease it is necessary mandatory counseling with an expert, and the full delegation of natural medicines can sometimes be just as dangerous as the disease itself. Ultimately, cancer is not so hard to kill. You can kill it with chemotherapy, radiation, in various ways. The difficulty is to kill cancer without killing the diseased man together with it. The same applies to the various herbs. Maybe there is a plant or fruit that can kill cancer, but is likely to kill the man as well, i.e. to work for a poisonous plant.

However, according to recent research, scientists found that cancerous tumors can be destroyed using the drug “EBC-46”, obtained from the seeds of the fruit of the tree “Australian blushwood”. This rare tree grows only in specific areas in northern Australia.

Researchers accidentally noticed that wild animals immediately spit seeds after being feed on the fruit. This was sufficient reason triggering curiosity and decided to investigate why they do it.

The results were shocking and yet very encouraging!

Source: healthyfoodstar