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Time For Natural Health Care

Aspirin Paste Against Cracked Heels


Dry and rough skin on the heels destroys the beautiful appearance of the feet. Besides cracked heels looking unappealing, they can cause a lot of pain. Unpleasant rough cracked skin may occur due to dry skin disease (diabetes, thyroid problems), long standing, obesity, inappropriate footwear and so on.

Ignoring cracked heels can lead to deterioration. Therefore, we present excellent pasta against cracked heels.

Ingredients needed:

– 10 aspirin pills

– 250 ml of vodka

Method of preparation:

Crush the aspirin pills and porn the vodka over them. Leave the mixture to stand still in a dark place for 48 hours.

Way of use:

Take gauze, moisten it in the solution and bandage cracked heels with it. Then fix the gauze using a plastic bag and put on cotton socks.

Stay so throughout the night. Remove the coatings the next morning when you get up, wash your feet with water, dry them and apply some moisturizing cream onto them.

Repeat this procedure every night.

After 10-day treatment, dead skin from the feet should disappear.

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