She Lost 50 Kilograms Within A Year And A Half – Her Recipe Is Very Simple



Tatyana from Croatia proved that it is possible to lose half of your body mass within year and a half and still stay completely healthy. She now weights 55 kg. Namely, before deciding to lose weight she used to have 120 kilograms.

She decided to change her life habits. She said no more heavy meals and resting after a hearty meal. During the process of weight loss she did not use any special regime. When it comes to her diet, she only quit consuming bread, she continued eating everything else.

Tatyana says that once she ate, she put the dishes in the dishwasher and went for a walk. She first started walking for 500 meters, and then gradually increased the walk, and finally she walked up to 12 km.

Now Tatyana says she is feeling better than great.