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Time For Natural Health Care

Teas That Suit Our Blood Type



You have most likely heard of diet according to blood type, or the fact that certain foods are great for people with a certain blood type, while other foods have a detrimental effect on people of the same group.

So, the same can be said for teas, which is considered the oldest beverage in the world. Tea drinking habit is dating from ancient times.

Each herb has a different effect on your body, so it is better to choose the one that best suits your body and your needs.

We are about to present list of tea chosen according to blood types.

Blood type A

People with this blood type are emotional and analytical individuals who strongly react to stress. Coffee does not harm their health, but there are herbal substitutions better received by their body.

Recommended tea:

Green tea

– Jasmine tea

– Combination of green tea and jasmine

– Marigold tea

– Thyme tea

– Combination of marigold and thyme tea

Blood type B

These people often have a slower metabolism and are prone to obesity, insomnia and chronic fatigue. They also have a strong digestive system which health can further be improved with consumption of tea.

Recommended tea:

– Rooibos tea or red tea

– Green tea

– Balm tea

– Sage tea

– Elderberry tea

– Combination of balm, sage and elderberry tea

Blood type AB

People who have this blood type are very intuitive and great when it comes to dealing with stress. However, their Achilles heel is their libido. People with AB blood type are advised to avoid coffee and instead of it to drink teas.

Recommended tea:

– Mint tea

– Green tea

– Combination of mint and green tea

– Yellow tea

– Peony tea

– Cranberry tea

Blood type 0

People with this blood type should avoid milk and gluten. Even though they are highly resistant to stress, their weak point is stomach upsets caused by increased stomach acid. Coffee does not affect this blood type.

Recommended tea:

– Ginger tea

– Ginseng tea

– Mate tea (yerba mate)

– Sencha green tea