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Gum Inflammation – 8 Folk Remedies


Gum inflammation, or as it is technically called, gingivitis, is pathological process located around teeth. It is caused due to insufficient oral hygiene, type of diet and habits and reflects the overall condition of the body. Gingivitis is often first, or the only, symptom which indicates other common diseases in the body.


Inflammation starts with plaque. Plaque is transparent sticky substance formed around teeth caused by reaction between sugar from food and bacteria in the mouth, which are normally present.

Plaque can be removed by washing the teeth but it usually comes back within 24 hours. If it is not removed within 2-3 days, tartar will be certainly formed. Tartar cannot be removed by washing the teeth, but only by professional cleaning done at the dentist. The more tartar is present the more gums are irritated and swollen. This way gums become red and they easily bleed.

This inflammation is consequence of carious teeth, smoking (which stimulates bacteria growth), bad habits such as putting different kinds of objects in the mouth as well as misplaced fillings and prosthetic devices.

When it comes to internal causes, the commonest are gastro intestinal diseases and lack of vitamins. However, it can also be caused during some physiological conditions such as pregnancy (as a result of hormonal influence) and in almost all states of weaken immunity.

In addition, we will present you several folk remedies with which you can treat inflamed gums.

1. Grate raw potato and coat the inflamed gums with it.

2. Chew on fresh sage and Aloe Vera leaves.

3. Rinse your oral cavity using freshly squeezed carrot juice in combination with water in ratio 1:1. Do this procedure three times a day.

4. Also, rinse your oral cavity with freshly squeezed cabbage juice in combination with water in ratio 1:1.

5. Make a wart tincture in the following way:

Mix wart and vodka (or some other 40% alcohol) in a glass jar in ratio 1:5. Before using this tincture make sure the mixture stands still in the tightly closed jar for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks you will get anti-inflammatory tool for rinsing the mouth. Put 30 to 40 drops of the resulting tincture in a glass of water and use the resulting mixture to rinse your mouth.

6. Pour one glass of water over 15-20 grams of chamomile flowers.Let the mixture stand still before you strain it. Once you have strained the mixture, add 4 grams of powdered boric acid. This remedy is used as an anti-inflammatory tool and antiseptic for rinsing the oral cavity.

7. Prepare marigold tea in the following way:

Pour 1 glass of boiled water over one tablespoon of marigold flowers. Cook the mixture on low fire for approximately 10 minutes. Strain the tea afterwards. It can be used both as an anti-inflammatory tool and as a regenerative tool for rinsing the oral cavity.

8. Crush three larger cloves of garlic and mix them with 2 teaspoons of yogurt. Keep the resulting mixture in your mouth and use your tongue in order to deploy it throughout the affected areas. Repeat this procedure several times a day for several days straight.