Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

Point On The Body That Removes Pain


As a result of modern way of living, many of us deal with stress on a daily basis. Besides getting nervous and upset, stress causes numerous physical symptoms such as headache, lack of energy, poor immunity and even digestive system related problems.

There are certain anti-stress points on the human body which can help you get rid of tension and tress by stimulating them.

We are talking about the Chinese treatment method called acupuncture.

You can overcome headache, insomnia, digestion problems and nervousness within several minutes just by applying pressure onto this point.

This point is called Shen Men and is located on the upper part of the earlobe. You can stimulate this pressure point by gently massaging it. Shen Men’s actual literal translation is “Door of Paradise”. By stimulating this point you will be able to strengthen your immunity, increase energy and reduce stress and pains.

In addition, follow the instructions for stimulating the Shen Men pressure point, which relaxes both the body and spirit:

1. Take a swab and press the point of the ear lobe and gently massage it.

2. Breathe slowly and deeply and listen to your breaths.

3. Keep looking to the left while breathing in and when exhaling, make sure you look to the right, but without turning your head.

4. Shortly, you will notice as your body is relaxing the stress symptoms are fading away.

Additional advices:

– You can massage this pressure point with the tip of your fingers as well.

– Massage the Shen Men point every time you feel like being under stress.

– You can repeat this procedure on a daily basis before you go to bed.