Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

Rules For Flat And Firm Belly


Mornings reflect the rest of our day and this is why you need to get out of bed with a smile on your face. After doing some positive thinking try to respect several rules which will help you get flat and firm belly.

Never skip breakfast

This is very important rule. So, no matter how disgusted food is to you in the morning, try not to go out with an empty stomach.

Enter proteins

If you start your day by entering proteins in your organism you will have the feeling of satiety for a longer period of time because proteins are slowly digested. Yogurt, eggs and/or integral bread are great choices for breakfast.

Make sure you at least eat a banana

Eating a banana will give you lots of energy and will also stimulate secretion of serotonin (the hormone of happiness).

And, of course, if you want a dream body you will need to take care of the amount of fats and carbohydrates you enter. Regular exercising is also one big part of your path to the desired body.


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