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Time For Natural Health Care

Why We Should All Get Rid of Our Microwave Ovens



Consumers throughout the world die because they eat unhealthy foods, but also because the food they consume was exposed to radiation and is completely dead.

You still have microwave at home? Dispose it immediately and you will not regret. Why? Because microwave is garbage, that kills people worldwide.

In Russia, for example, microwaves are banned since 1976 because Russian people do not want to be “killed” as the rest of the Western world. Later, however, they are allowed again due to pressure from the Western world, although people in Russia still refuse using them in their homes.

Did you know that people are the unhealthiest mammals of the planet? It is because people do not eat food but pure poison. Namely, microwave is an integral part of every kitchen, but people are not well aware of its harmfulness.

Microwaves are devices that turn perfectly healthy and fresh food, full of vitamins and natural ingredients, into completely worthless commodity with no little nourishment in it. But that is not all, this appliance also radiates. So rather than feeding on foods rich in vitamins people today do quite the opposite. They deliberately kill nutrients in food.

The invention of microwaves and their massive expansion in households took off initially, but as well as the mass cancer disease in developed countries. Not only this appliance has become suitable for consumption of food that encourages obesity but it also destroys all the useful ingredients of those ingredients. The worst part is people do not know they should not be in its vicinity when it is turned on.

This is radiation which causes a number of diseases such as tumors. The result of the mass distribution of microwave is certainly what we all witness today: an epidemic of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, depression, damaged kidneys, liver disorders and others. These diseases are caused by exposure to toxic chemicals from the radiated food.

Interestingly, people who speak loudly they would never eat “radiated” food eat large quantities of microwave food. This just speaks about how people are unaware of things they enter into their organisms. Microwave rays were originally called “radar ray” when were first marketed in 1970 they proudly advertised they as “radar ray” and that was suspicious to no one? Bombarding with radiation foods today is quite normal for most people and that is the exact thing that should worry everyone.

Microwave is a device of the Living Dead. People who use the microwave every day are on their way to degenerative disease and a lifelong battle with obesity and rapid death. This all have certainly been proved.

The more you use microwave the more your condition will be worse and you will also probably be diagnosed with various diseases and become addicted on medicaments. And all this, believe it or not, intentionally or unintentionally is because people have come to a stage when they are deliberately killed through various tools that were invented by the elite.

Do yourself a favor and throw away your microwave and start heating the food in an ordinary oven. Maybe it takes much longer but is much healthier too. Do not fall for the propaganda because if you do not think of yourself who will?

In addition we will present the newest scientific findings to microwave food:

  1. Microwave food loses 60-90% vital energy and microwave accelerates the structural decomposition of food.
  2. Microwave creates carcinogenic substances in milk and cereals.
  3. Microwave degrades the basics of food, causing obstacles in digestion.
  4. Microwave changes food’s chemistry, which can lead to obstacles in lymphatic composition and degeneration of organism’s ability to protect against carcinogenic growths.
  5. Microwave food leads to huge number of carcinogenic stations in the bloodstream.
  6. Microwave forms free radicals.
  7. Microwave food causes stomach and heart problems.
  8. Microwave food decreases organism’s ability to use B complex vitamin, vitamin C and vitamin E.


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