Prepare Homemade Cream Against Wrinkles Which Was Used By The Ancient Greeks


Prepare this natural cream against wrinkles which was used by the ancient Greeks 2000 years ago.

You definitely do not need to spent lots of money on skin care products because the cream we are about to present is natural and will nurture your skin and will rejuvenate it.

In order to prepare this cream you will needed several easily available ingredients.

Ingredients needed:

-1 tablespoon of organic honey

-8 tablespoons of ground beeswax

-200 ml of almond oil

Half a cup of rose water (hydrosol part of purified rose pedal liquid)

Method of preparation:

-Put the beeswax, honey and almond oil in a bowl which you need to put on a low fire. Cook until the ingredients are completely melted. When you get homogeneous mixture, put the bowl away from the fire and wait for the mixture to cool little bit.

Gradually add the rose pedal water, drop by drop. Remember to constantly stir the mixture while you add the rose pedal water. Once you add the whole rose water, transfer the resulting mixture in a glass bowl. Tightly close the bowl you are suing until the mixture is completely cooled.


-This cream can be used against wrinkles, for smoothing existing signs of aging but you can also use it for makeup removal.