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Time For Natural Health Care

Eggs Should Not Be Kept On The Refrigerator’s Door

Tray of eggs in a refrigerator door

Many of us do not pay attention where in the fridge we store the food. However, that is very important if you want to maintain your food fresh and healthy for a longer period of time.

In order to maintain the food fresh and healthy for longer period of time, you need to set your fridge from 0 to 4 degrees. This way you will prevent bacteria development.

-On the uppers fridge racks store the lunch remains, spices and ingredients which can be consumed right away. Fridge’s temperature is the most stable in this area.

-Fridge’s doors are the warmest part of the fridge’s interior. This is the place where you should store ingredients with natural preservatives. Mayonnaise and orange juice can be stored here, but not eggs and dairy products. Eggs and dairy products should be kept in the lower area because the temperature is lower.

-On the lower racks you can also store seafood, fish and raw meat. Eggs can absorb other ingredient’s smell, so, if you have ingredients with strong smell, make sure the eggs are away from them.

-Fruits and vegetables should be kept in the separate part of the fridge, which is intended for them. Usually that is the lowest part of the fridge with two separate parts, one for fruits and the other for vegetables. Peaches, pears and plums should not be anywhere near vegetables because they release gases which speed vegetables’ rotting.

-Make sure you also left enough space between the racks in order for the cold air to flow freely.